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Individual (7/29): key_c36

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  • Video Guidelines:
    1. You must be able to see the stacker, mat, timer, and cups (the same angle that is used in sanctioned WSSA competitions is best). Seeing the stacker's head is preferred but not required.
    2. Video should only show the attempt you are submitting for that event. When you upload your video to YouTube there is a simple editing tool that lets you trim the video if needed.
    3. You must also have a way to show the camera your time at the beginning and end of your attempt. Use a Tournament Display or show the camera your timer before and after you stack. Give time for the judge to see your time set at zero and leaving them a few seconds afterwards to see your ending time after your hands come off the timer or you show the timer to the camera.
    4. Each match has a unique special code. You have to write this code on a piece of paper and have it visible to the camera while you stack for each event within the match. If you submit a video where the code is either not visible or doesn’t match up, it will be scratched.
    5. Here is a video with instructions and a sample
  • Using official Speed Stacks equipment is also required.
  • Stack like crazy! You get as many chances as you want to get a good time so long as you submit that time before the match is over. Plan to submit your times at least an hour before the match is over because it may take awhile to upload your video on Youtube. The countdown timer tells you how much time is left for each match.
  • Enter your times and submit the corresponding YouTube video links.
    • You can only submit times to each event once, so pick your best ones!
    • You must submit separate videos of each event below to play.
    • Videos should be uploaded to YouTube beforehand. You will need the link for each video to submit to StackMatch (you will need your own YouTube account to do this).
    • Videos should be posted as Public or Unlisted depending on whether or not you want them to show up on your Youtube channel. Private videos will not work with StackMatch.
This match is closed
Peter Ford1.773#155
Seohyun Lee1.870#254
Tae Hyeon Kim1.935#353
Wong Kai Yee2.000#452
Alexander Engell-Hedager Damkjær2.000#452
Laura Beacom2.033#650
Han Seo Cho2.042#749
Luw Tze Hin2.088#848
Taewoo Kim2.096#947
Wong Kuang Zheng2.140#1046
Min Hyeong Park2.157#1145
Betsy Sanchez2.180#1244
Wong Kai Qi2.212#1343
Conner Byrd2.215#1442
Chan Kang Yan2.269#1541
Yoav Peled2.287#1640
Rishi Nemmani2.345#1739
Alexander Markoulis2.374#1838
Krithick vinay Jude2.376#1937
Teoh Jun Yi2.385#2036
Ethan Austin2.387#2135
Alan Lim Joon Tatt2.394#2234
Cody D. Heyne2.426#2333
Julia Maria Kucemba2.478#2432
Ryan Holtam2.480#2531
Lau Yu ki2.482#2630
Jason Liew Chun Sum2.548#2729
Tripp Montague2.608#2828
서 우주2.631#2927
Je In Lee2.655#3026
Hazel Goh2.727#3125
WSSA Korea2.802#3224
Karl Fehrenbach2.856#3323
Han Kaw Sey2.870#3422
Morten Palner2.902#3521
Chee Choy Leng2.925#3620
Henrik Engell-Hedager2.949#3719
Jaidon berdinand Jude2.961#3818
Jesse Lim2.988#3917
Ryan Wong Kam Hou3.003#4016
Teoh Jing Yuan3.038#4115
Davian Foo Leong Sew3.097#4214
Allan Ong3.118#4313
Julia Goh Siew Yue3.181#4412
Seung Woo Choi3.287#4511
Lisa Berman3.433#4610
Goh Lai Lian3.866#479
Vikram Konkimalla3.877#488
Madden Farris1001.669#497
Tae Yeong Kim1001.838#506