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Pending Judging

Freestyle 6-6-Downstack-Onlyage_rcj 51
Freestyle Shorties-6-3-6naps_r57 51
Individual 3-3-3buzz_r5n 101
Individual 3-3-3desk_r5t 81
Individual 3-3-3earths_r9g 71
Individual Cycleearths_r9g 61
Freestyle One-Handed-3-6-3core_r9d 61
Individual 3-3-3dawn_r98 91
Individual 3-6-3dawn_r98 91
Freestyle Shorties-6-3-6car_r9a 61
Individual 3-3-3round_r9j 81
Freestyle 6-6-Downstack-Onlymalls_r94 62
Freestyle 3-D-1-10-1stage_r9t 61
Individual 3-3-3heads_rr9 72
Individual 3-6-3heads_rr9 72
Individual Cycleheads_rr9 72
Individual 3-3-3apples_rrm 81
Individual 3-6-3apples_rrm 82
Individual Cycleapples_rrm 81
Freestyle 2-Color-Cyclestar_rrw 91
Individual 3-3-3arm_rry 111
Individual 3-6-3arm_rry 112
Individual Cyclearm_rry 101
Individual 3-6-3nines_rrq 81
Individual 3-3-3brain_rrp 92
Individual 3-6-3brain_rrp 94
Individual 3-3-3water_rr6 101
Individual 3-6-3water_rr6 101
Individual Cyclewater_rr6 103
Freestyle Doubles-3-6-3hill_rrx 102
Individual 3-6-3skims_rrj 101
Individual 3-3-3birds_rru 154
Individual 3-6-3birds_rru 155
Individual Cyclebirds_rru 154

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Individual Cycle 2/6skims_rrj
Individual 3-3-3 2/6skims_rrj
Individual Cycle 2/4brain_rrp
Freestyle 3-2-3 Cycle 2/4loops_rrg
Individual 3-3-3 2/3nines_rrq
Individual Cycle 2/3nines_rrq
Individual 3-3-3 1/29ink_rr2
Individual Cycle 1/29ink_rr2
Individual 3-6-3 1/29ink_rr2
Individual 3-6-3 1/28gate_r9s
Individual 3-3-3 1/28gate_r9s
Individual Cycle 1/28gate_r9s
Individual Cycle 1/27round_r9j
Individual 3-6-3 1/27round_r9j
Individual 3-3-3 1/26fogs_r9x

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Level 1 Standings (February)

Level# Rank#StackerPointsGap
L1 R1 Jameson Swick53.3--
L1 R2 Soon Ying Ying42.311
L1 R3 Kaylen Young39.613.7
L1 R4 Elyna Boon Xue Lin30.323
L1 R5 Nicholas Ong Chuin Che29.324
L1 R6 Henrik Engell-Hedager21.332
L1 R6 Nicole Ong Jia Xuan21.332
L1 R8 Morten Palner18.434.9
L1 R9 Min Han Khor13.040.3
L1 R10 Hans-Jörg Faißt12.740.6
L1 R11 Miguel Enrico Onayan9.943.4
L1 R12 Han Kaw Sey8.045.3
L1 R13 Seoh Yeong Terng6.946.4
L1 R14 Jayden Teh Wei Heng4.049.3
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