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Individual 3-3-3times_9uu 51
Individual 3-3-3foils_9f2 52
Individual 3-6-3foils_9f2 63
Individual Cyclefoils_9f2 63

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Freestyle Upside-down-3-6-3 11/30fuel_9us
Individual Cycle 11/29times_9uu
Individual 3-6-3 11/29times_9uu
Individual 3-6-3 11/28hawk_9uj
Individual 3-3-3 11/28hawk_9uj
Individual Cycle 11/28hawk_9uj
Freestyle Backwards-Cycle 11/28ring_9ux
Individual 3-3-3 11/27stakes_9u6
Individual Cycle 11/27stakes_9u6
Individual 3-6-3 11/27stakes_9u6
Individual 3-3-3 11/26circle_9up
Individual Cycle 11/26circle_9up
Individual 3-6-3 11/26circle_9up
Freestyle 3-6-3-Downstack-Only 11/26trees_9u8
Individual 3-3-3 11/24socks_9ug

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