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Pending Judging

Individual 3-3-3zoos_rvz 32
Individual 3-6-3zoos_rvz 32
Individual Cyclezoos_rvz 32
Individual 3-3-3tracks_rvn 51
Individual 3-6-3tracks_rvn 51
Individual 3-3-3starts_r83 111
Individual 3-6-3starts_r83 111
Individual Cyclestarts_r83 121
Individual 3-3-3four_r8w 121
Individual 3-6-3four_r8w 131
Individual Cyclefour_r8w 121
Freestyle 6-3-6ding_r8h 71
Individual 3-3-3jades_r8d 114
Individual 3-6-3jades_r8d 113
Individual Cyclejades_r8d 112

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Freestyle 15-Stack 6/2glow_r8r
Individual 3-3-3 5/31think_r8c
Individual Cycle 5/31think_r8c
Individual 3-6-3 5/31think_r8c
Individual 3-6-3 5/30hawks_rvf
Individual 3-3-3 5/30hawks_rvf
Individual Cycle 5/30hawks_rvf
Freestyle Reverse-9-Cycle 5/30thing_rvk
Individual Cycle 5/29tracks_rvn
Freestyle 4 X 1-10-1 5/28apple_rv7
Individual 3-3-3 5/27cocos_rva
Individual Cycle 5/27cocos_rva
Individual 3-6-3 5/27cocos_rva
Individual 3-3-3 5/26globe_rvv
Individual Cycle 5/26globe_rvv

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Level 1 Standings (June)

Level# Rank#StackerPointsGap
L1 R1 Jameson Swick7.7--
L1 R2 Tyler Fanno6.71
L1 R3 Lisa Minami5.72
L1 R4 Cullen Dillistone4.73
L1 R5 Henrik Engell-Hedager3.74
L1 R6 Fong Ee Shi2.75
L1 R7 Khoh Yuan Kai1.76
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