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Pending Judging

Individual 3-6-3dusks_3g6 11
Individual 3-3-3pro_3qh 11
Individual Cyclepro_3qh 11
Individual Cyclerocks_3qv 21
Individual Cyclesquare_3pb 31
Individual 3-3-3lights_3pz 81
Individual 3-6-3lights_3pz 81
Individual Cyclelights_3pz 81
Freestyle 10-Cycledawn_3p6 82

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Individual 3-3-3 4/24bob_3pk
Individual Cycle 4/24bob_3pk
Individual 3-6-3 4/24bob_3pk
Individual 3-6-3 4/22boards_3p7
Individual 3-3-3 4/22boards_3p7
Individual Cycle 4/22boards_3p7
Freestyle 1-hand-3-3-3 4/22skys_3pq
Individual 3-3-3 4/21rocks_3pv
Individual Cycle 4/21rocks_3pv
Individual 3-6-3 4/21rocks_3pv
Individual 3-6-3 4/20square_3pb
Individual 3-3-3 4/20square_3pb
Freestyle Rapid-Fire 4/20bird_3pe
Individual 3-3-3 4/19loop_3ph
Individual Cycle 4/19loop_3ph

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Level 1 Standings (April)

Level# Rank#StackerPointsGap
L1 R1 Jameson Swick240.4--
L1 R2 Lin Chen235.74.7
L1 R3 Hazel Goh231.88.6
L1 R4 Gareth Yeo192.647.8
L1 R5 Gerome Yeo190.250.2
L1 R6 Henrik Engell-Hedager126.2114.2
L1 R7 Jane Chan Yuet Kuan123.7116.7
L1 R8 Hans-Jörg Faißt94.0146.4
L1 R9 Miguel Enrico Onayan92.9147.5
L1 R10 Zachary Routsong65.3175.1
L1 R11 Jedd Chin Yoon Zac42.5197.9
L1 R12 Tyler Fanno34.2206.2
L1 R13 Kasey Harris-Brown23.2217.2
L1 R14 Michelle Mo Shiqi19.5220.9
L1 R15 Linyue Luo12.2228.2
L1 R16 Viktor Rashev9.4231
L1 R17 Allan Ong7.0233.4
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