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Pending Judging

Individual 3-6-3dusks_3g6 11
Individual 3-3-3pro_3qh 11
Individual Cyclepro_3qh 11
Individual Cyclerocks_3qv 21
Individual Cyclesquare_3pb 31
Freestyle Switch-Cyclegate_37c 22
Individual 3-3-3axes_373 11
Individual 3-6-3axes_373 11
Individual Cycleaxes_373 11
Individual 3-3-3lasers_378 71
Individual 3-6-3hawk_37t 101
Individual 3-6-3skill_3ay 81
Individual Cycleskill_3ay 81
Freestyle Mini-Cyclebirds_3ax 61
Freestyle 4 X 1-10-1block_3x9 81
Freestyle 3-3-3-3light_3xq 61
Individual 3-3-3trade_3xz 51
Individual 3-6-3trade_3xz 51
Individual Cycletrade_3xz 51
Individual 3-3-3thinks_3xk 71
Individual 3-6-3thinks_3xk 71
Individual Cyclethinks_3xk 71

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Freestyle Mini-Cycle 5/24stakes_3x6
Individual 3-6-3 5/22axels_3x7
Individual 3-3-3 5/22axels_3x7
Individual Cycle 5/22axels_3x7
Individual 3-3-3 5/21heros_3xv
Individual Cycle 5/21heros_3xv
Individual 3-6-3 5/21heros_3xv
Individual 3-6-3 5/20ace_3xb
Individual 3-3-3 5/20ace_3xb
Individual Cycle 5/20ace_3xb
Freestyle Reverse-9-Cycle 5/20board_3xe
Individual 3-3-3 5/19tree_3xh
Individual Cycle 5/19tree_3xh
Individual 3-6-3 5/19tree_3xh
Individual 3-3-3 5/18group_3xr

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Level 1 Standings (May)

Level# Rank#StackerPointsGap
L1 R1 Jameson Swick252.5--
L1 R2 Soon Ying Ying242.69.9
L1 R3 Linyue Luo200.352.2
L1 R4 Lin Chen195.656.9
L1 R5 Henrik Engell-Hedager165.287.3
L1 R6 Hazel Goh139.9112.6
L1 R7 Luke Eames92.2160.3
L1 R8 Hans-Jörg Faißt89.2163.3
L1 R9 Gerome Yeo69.0183.5
L1 R10 Kasey Harris-Brown57.4195.1
L1 R11 Ethan Michael Garcia46.7205.8
L1 R12 Morten Palner39.3213.2
L1 R13 Foo Soon Wah22.7229.8
L1 R14 Gareth Yeo20.7231.8
L1 R15 Carson Brown19.8232.7
L1 R16 Nicole Ong Jia Xuan16.8235.7
L1 R17 John Villa12.9239.6
L1 R18 Tristan Potkanski11.0241.5
L1 R19 Michelle Mo Shiqi6.8245.7
L1 R20 Josiah Ckeith Gaspar3.4249.1
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