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Pending Judging

Individual 3-3-3heads_3h3 81
Individual 3-3-3groups_3w8 72
Individual 3-6-3groups_3w8 73
Individual Cyclegroups_3w8 72
Individual 3-3-3digs_3w4 51
Individual 3-6-3digs_3w4 51
Individual Cycledigs_3w4 72
Individual 3-3-3two_3ws 61
Individual 3-6-3two_3ws 61
Individual Cycletwo_3ws 71
Freestyle Rapid-Fire-1-10-1water_3wn 61
Individual 3-6-3laser_3wt 51
Individual 3-6-3star_3yy 31
Individual 3-3-3lights_3yq 31
Individual 3-6-3lights_3yq 31
Individual Cyclelights_3yq 31
Freestyle Reverse-9-Cycledusks_3yg 31
Individual 3-3-3echos_3yp 22
Individual 3-6-3echos_3yp 22
Individual Cycleechos_3yp 22
Individual 3-6-3bird_3y6 31
Individual Cyclekey_3bh 51
Individual Cycleshoe_3bb 61
Individual 3-3-3mop_3b7 31
Individual 3-6-3mop_3b7 31
Individual Cyclemop_3b7 31
Individual 3-3-3stage_3bz 41
Individual 3-6-3stage_3bz 41
Individual Cyclestage_3bz 41
Freestyle 3-6-10cars_3b6 41

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Individual 3-6-3 2/24fog_3bk
Individual 3-3-3 2/24fog_3bk
Individual Cycle 2/24fog_3bk
Freestyle Reverse-9-Cycle 2/22human_3bq
Individual 3-3-3 2/21camp_3bv
Individual Cycle 2/21camp_3bv
Individual 3-6-3 2/21camp_3bv
Individual 3-6-3 2/20shoe_3bb
Individual 3-3-3 2/20shoe_3bb
Freestyle Cycle-without-6-6 2/20tub_3be
Individual 3-6-3 2/19key_3bh
Individual 3-3-3 2/19key_3bh
Individual 3-6-3 2/18lamp_3br
Individual 3-3-3 2/18lamp_3br
Individual Cycle 2/18lamp_3br

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Level 1 Standings (February)

Level# Rank#StackerPointsGap
L1 R1 Jameson Swick143.8--
L1 R2 Henrik Engell-Hedager102.841
L1 R3 Lin Chen88.855
L1 R4 Hans-Jörg Faißt83.060.8
L1 R5 Seoh Yeong Terng53.390.5
L1 R6 Lisa Minami39.6104.2
L1 R7 Morten Palner32.1111.7
L1 R8 John Villa31.7112.1
L1 R9 Nathan Dukeshire25.1118.7
L1 R10 Zach Bondietti20.5123.3
L1 R11 Allan Ong19.1124.7
L1 R12 Foo Soon Wah15.6128.2
L1 R13 Kasey Harris-Brown15.1128.7
L1 R14 Theodore Briggs-Wilson14.4129.4
L1 R15 Oliver Tan13.2130.6
L1 R16 Chew Jia Yee11.0132.8
L1 R17 Josiah Gaspar5.7138.1
L1 R18 Jonrocco Dezzi4.0139.8
L1 R19 Vikram Konkimalla2.5141.3
L1 R20 Ruby Briggs-Wilson1.9141.9
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